IRS Representation

Why do you need representation when dealing with a tax authority?

Tax law is made up of the Internal Revenue Code, Regulations and court opinions that interpret how the Code applies to individual cases.  Tax returns are submitted on complex forms with detailed instructions, often with the help of computer software programs and electronic filing.  The complexity is so great that the average taxpayer properly feels the need for professional help when dealing with the tax man.

IRS employees represent the interests of Government; and if you are dealing with them on an audit, collection, or criminal matter, it is because they think that you have done something that is wrong. Your work and integrity are in question and you will be under extreme pressure. You may be working with incomplete information and making poor decisions. Anything you say in your contacts with IRS can be used against you.  You need someone to represent your interest. Competent representation can protect you from direct contact with IRS and arrange the solution that is best for you, not for the IRS.

Many clients ask if they need an accountant or an attorney. The better question is whether the professional you choose has experience in your problem area. You need to be represented by someone who has been there and can solve your problems.  It is best to have experience on your side. Click on Tax Resolution Blog to see some of the trouble with tax resolution firms.

Nationwide Practice
About half of my practice is local.  The rest comes from all over the country.  The arrival of the electronic office allows me to help clients from all over the country.  Most IRS contact is with people in Service Centers without face-to-face contact