Credit Repair


  • Personalized credit consultation
  • Credit report summary
  • Score evaluation & game plan


Credit can be intimidating.  Your credit score is important and becomes an issue whenever you want to buy a car or house, apply for a loan, or even when looking for a good job.

The bottom line is that credit is confusing.  Many people wonder about their credit report but do not understand how to take control of it all.  So it becomes common for people to ask themselves:

Why does it exist?  How much of it do I need?  What’s even on my report?

Don’t worry because the professionals at Kemble White Credit Repair can make sense of it all for you.  Not only will we clean up your credit to boost your score and get you back on the right financial track.  But we will also teach you everything you need to know about credit so that you can make the best financial decisions for yourself in the future.


Q- What exactly is ‘credit’?

A- Your ‘credit’ is comprised of two main parts:  Part 1 is your credit score.  Part 2 is your credit report.

Q- What is a credit score?  What do these the numbers on my credit score even mean?

A- Your primary credit score, also known as your FICO® score.  It is a 3-digit number between 300 – 850 and is a general reflection of your five credit factors.  Think of it as a financial reputation of sorts.  This is the information that lenders use to determine what kind of loans or credit cards you qualify for.

Q- What is on my credit report?

A- Your credit report contains information about you like your name and address, your loan information, credit limits, account names, credit history, credit inquiries, public records, collections, late payment information and your overall credit score.  It’s basically your entire financial history all in one place.

Q-  How much does credit repair cost?

A-  Ordinarily, the experts at Kemble White Credit Repair can repair your credit for just a few hundred dollars.  Most credit repair firms ask for a monthly fee in addition to an “initiation” or “start up” fee.  But that incentivizes the company to drag their feet in order to keep charging you.  Here at Kemble White Credit Repair we want your credit repaired as quickly as possible.  So we tell you right up front how long it may take to get your credit back on track.  And the best part is- no matter how long it takes, you never have to pay additional fees or charges.