Business Solutions

Most Businesses and Organizations often have both the vision and the elements they need in order to maximize their business potential. But in the modern era of business, new methods and information arrive at such a rapid pace that it can become difficult to keep up with modern trends. Many business owners excel at the execution of their core competency, but may lack the plan, processes, tools, experience, or sometimes even the raw “humanpower” to advance the growth or development they seek to accomplish. That is where our experts at Kemble White Business Solutions can help.

We are a diverse team of seasoned, and creative business professionals who are educated to spot areas where a given business is underutilizing their potential, or where they are simply missing an opportunity to grow. We offer our clients a robust array of business solutions, each developed and tailored specifically to your needs.

When needed, we supplement the core Kemble White Business Solutions Team with other top professionals who bring their specialized knowledge and expertise to the table. Our common thread and our passion is that we are Problem Solvers; our Core Value is getting things done.

What we do:

Kemble White Business Solutions helps our clients implement change. Our Clients are often facing a game-changing transition: developing or expanding a new business model, getting a startup started-up, implementing new technology, facing emerging competitors, a corporate restructuring, an acquisition or expansion, a strategic partnership, spinning off or exiting a business segment, or a turnaround.

Our goal is not just to leave you with a well-researched, thoroughly analyzed, well-written strategy document, although we can certainly provide that. Our Mission is to help you implement dramatic and sustainable improvements in your organization, to achieve your Vision, your Business Goals, and your Potential.

How we do it:

We align People, Processes, and Technology with Business Strategy. We work with your Team to define the problem(s) and deliverables, identify solutions and tools that will work within your organization, develop the plan, provide documentation and training, and work side-by-side with you to ensure a successful implementation.

Every engagement is different, because every leader and every organization’s needs are different. We customize our level of involvement to suit your needs: We can roll-up-our-sleeves and do the implementation for you, create and hand over a detailed Plan, or coach key leaders on project implementation. We are not seeking to establish long-term co-dependency –Our Goal is to develop the capabilities within your organization to independently meet your needs on an ongoing basis.

Implementing Operational Excellence:

Kemble White Business Solutions helps organizations achieve growth and improved financial results by aligning people, processes, and technology to reduce operating costs, improve the quality of product/service delivery, and then properly market. We offer short term support for long term strategy.

The bottom line is that we look at your business, how it runs and how it is managed. We then run a variety of analyses to better understand how your business may benefit from adjustments to your HR model, Financial Structuring, Operations, Marketing, and Management.

We have special expertise in the following areas:

  • Interim CFO Services
  • Interim Human Resources Analysis & Services
  • Interim COO Services
  • Project Management
  • Marketing Analysis, Branding, PR, and Implementation
  • Operational Analysis, Strategy and Planning
  • Streamlining Operations
  • Internal Systems, Processes, and Procedures
  • Leading Organizational Change and Change Agency Theory
  • Business integration
  • Providing Skilled Office and Administrative Support

Simply make an appointment with our office to have our Business Development & Solutions Professionals give you a free consultation so we can discuss how to maximize the effectiveness of your business and help you make the most of your opportunities.